Anchor Realty

At Anchor Realty Brokerage we’ve thrown away the dinosaur traditional Real Estate Brokerage model and replaced it with the most efficient and cost effective Real Estate Brokerage we could design.

Have you looked around your current brokerage and ever thought about who  pays for all of it? You do. But how do you get rid of all that fat when all of the franchise brokerages work on the same model? You get out of the traditional model and transfer to Anchor Realty Brokerage.

How to Transfer Your License

Transferring your license has never been easier. If you are interested in transferring your license to Anchor Realty you simply need to send your current broker of record a letter of termination.  Make sure in your letter of termination you include:

  • your full trading name,
  • the name of your current brokerage,
  • name of the broker of record,
  • date you wish to terminate with them, and
  • your RECO license number.

Once you have sent your termination to your current brokerage simply send a copy to us at and we take care of the rest.  Most transfers can be done the same day and cost $100 transfer fee to RECO.  This $100 will be paid by us when we transfer you and then debited from your account at the beginning of your first month.

If you want to save a step, send back the Anchor Contract (located below) with your letter of termination.

Low Cost Commission Splits

As a virtual Brokerage with a Board member Brokerage, Anchor Realty is able to offer commission splits and services that no other Brokerage in Ontario can match. It’s simple, we reduce our fees and thereby we can reduce yours.

Commission Splits (%) / Brokerage Fees

50/50 –  $25 per month or $300 for 14 months + HST 

60/40 –  $35 per month or $420 for 14 months + HST 

70/30 –  $45 per month or $540 for 14 months + HST 

80/20 –  $55 per month or $660 for 14 months + HST 

90/10 –  $65 per month or $780 for 14 months + HST  (MLS access board fees are additional)

Any other questions or just need a little help you can always send us an email or call 1-877-672-6604.

Non-Board Member? Visit our partner brokerage for non-board members Mountain Realty.

Isn’t it time to start keeping more of your money?