Join Our Team

Join Our Team

If you’re looking to increase your bottom line, you’ve come to the right place.

At Anchor Realty Brokerage we’ve thrown away the dinosaur traditional Real Estate Brokerage model and replaced it with the most efficient and cost effective Real Estate Brokerage we could design.

Have you looked around your current brokerage and ever thought about who pays for all of it? You do. But how do you get rid of all that fat when all of the franchise brokerages work on the same model? You get out of the traditional model and transfer to Anchor Realty Brokerage.

As an on-line Real Estate brokerage without the fat, we can offer commission splits that are simply not possible with the others. It’s simple, we reduce our fees and thereby we can reduce yours. Not only can we offer extremely low cost commission splits we can also offer Realtor’s who want or need to leave the industry for a period of time the ability to “Park” their licence yet still retain the ability to trade if a deal arrives.

For more information on our system and how to transfer, simply go to our FAQ page or contact me at either or call 1-877-672-6604. Isn’t it time to start keeping more of your money?